Mount Hotham

Headworks Charges/Capital Ingoings

Capital Ingoings is a charge made against the lessee/licensee or proposed lessee/licensee in a Resort, as a prerequisite to the development of the related land or to any further development or extension of an existing development on that land. Such charge is struck in recognition of existing services and urban infrastructure which benefit the development or which require extension in order to benefit the development.

Ingoings are levied on all new building construction and renovations and extensions to existing buildings. Ingoings are based on the increase in FECA of the development proposed.

The current rate is $330.00 per square metre of FECA.

Fully Enclosed Covered Area (F.E.C.A.) Definition

The sum of all such areas at all building floor levels, including basements (except unexcavated portions), floored roof spaces and attics, garages, penthouses, enclosed porches and attached enclosed covered ways alongside buildings, equipment rooms, lift shafts, vertical ducts, staircases and any other fully enclosed spaces and useable areas of the building, computed by measuring from the normal inside face of exterior walls but ignoring any projections such as plinths, columns, piers and the like which project from the normal inside face of exterior walls. It shall not include open courts, light wells, connecting or isolated covered ways and net open areas of upper portions of rooms, lobbies, halls, Interstitial spaces and the like which extend through the storey being computed.

Unit of measurement: Square Metres (m2)

Note: The definition of exterior walls in multi-tenanted buildings is to include the building as a whole, not the sum of the individual apartments.

FECA Definition