Mount Hotham

Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy

The Government announced the approval of the current Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy on 30 March 2002.  The final Policy was approved by the Minister for Environment and Conservation on 24 October 2002.

Every current lessee in the alpine resorts has the opportunity to surrender an existing lease and enter into a new lease specifically developed to embrace the provisions of the current leasing Policy.

The Policy covers the following areas:

  1. Demonstrated Public and Economic Benefit - All new lease proposals in alpine resorts must clearly identify the public and economic benefits the lease shall provide to the Victorian community, and the possible impacts the proposal may have on the land's environmental and recreational values.
  2. Approval in Principle - the process in its application in alpine resorts requires that the Board prepare a submission for assessment by the Minister in support of each application for a new lease.  This is prepared after the lease proposal is received and presented to the Board for approval.
  3. Transparent Lease Allocation and Process - This covers the application for a new lease, First right to netotiate a new lease (for existing lease holders), public notification process and costs associated with a new lease.
  4. Appropriate Lease Term and Conditions - this section covers standards of occupancy contain provisions that allow the Board to perform reviews every three years, compliance with a number of statutory provisions and planning requirements, lease term and criteria for determination of the lease term, business plan, rental and valuations, rent reviews, improvements, end of lease term, assignment sub-lease and mortgage, variation of leases and overholding.
  5. Consistent Lease Documentation - documentation, transitional arrangements and registration of leases.


To view the full Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy Implementation Guidelines click the link


Criteria for determination of lease terms