Mount Hotham

Building Standards of Occupancy Guidelines

All buildings within the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort must comply with current building legislation (Building Act 1993) & Building Regulations 2018.

An inspection will be undertaken by the Municipal Building Surveyor and a Report provided to Lessees for the further consideration and/or subsequent action. The inspection and report will be at the Board's cost.

The Building Standards of Occupancy covers;

  • Essential Safety Meaures - this covers frequency of inspection and relevant test standard of building elements required to satisfy prescribed fire resistance levels (Emergency lighting, exit doors, exit signs, smoke & heat detection systems, fire extinguishers and fire hose reels). Also materials and assemblies required to satisy prescribed fire hazard properties (paths of travel to exits, penetrations in fire related structures and self-closing solid core doors to bedrooms).
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Bushfire Compliance - minimum level under AS 3959-2009 "Constuction of buildings in bushfire prone areas." and Board's Bushfire Protection Compliance Guidelines.
  • Building Standards of Occupancy
  • Annual Essential Safety Measures Report this is to be supplied by the Tenant to the Landlord before each winter season
  • Smoke Detectors and Alarm System
  • Fire Sprinklers (if applicable) and
  • Timeframe for compliance

The Building Standards of Occupancy Inspections are part of your Lease obligations at Mt Hotham.

Listed in the Alpine Standard Lease Part 11, Clause 11.3 and Part 12, Clauses 12.1 & 12.2 are the reference to these inspections and reporting.

These inspections are conducted on a three yearly cycle.

An audit on the buildings FECA (Fully Enclosed Covered Area) is also conducted during the Building Standards of Occupancy Inspections.

Building Standards of Occupancy Guidelines - Mt Hotham