Mount Hotham

Bushfire Protection Compliance Guidelines

The Board is committed to ensure that all buildings within its juristication have the minimum level of protection from bushfire attack.

These Guidelines form part of the Building Standards of Occupancy Audit Report and were developed to ensure that the Board has an appropriate process in place that progressively upgrades existing buildings to meet minimum bushfire protection standards.

All new leases at Mt Hotham are required to follow a standard form acceptable to the Minister. The current alpine standard lease requires the Board as the Landlord to prepare a Building Standards Report for the purpose of providing a record of the Tenant’s response to the matters relating to the Standards of Occupancy and for reference during negotiations for a new lease.

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (Board) has developed and formally adopted this policy that will form part of the Building Standards Inspection and Report required as a reference for all new lease renewals under current alpine standard lease.

The Board is committed to ensuring all buildings within its jurisdiction are afforded a minimum level of protection against bushfire attack. Initially, the new lease application process will be used as the trigger for requiring existing buildings to comply with this Policy. Specific elements of the existing building will be assessed during an inspection and a report prepared outlining any upgrade works required.

The MHARMB is cognizant of the inherent difficulties that potentially arise in attempting to retrospectively achieve full compliance with AS 3959 relative to the specific circumstances of the subject property. Therefore, this policy is generically structured around compliance with a bushfire attack level (BAL) of 12.5. This represents protection against a radiant heat flux of 12.5kW/m2 (considered low) and primarily ember attack. It is noted that research has consistently identified that over 85% of buildings destroyed by bushfires is due to ember attack.

Bushfire Protection Compliance Guidelines - Mt Hotham