Mount Hotham


Gas Supply

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB) are the suppliers of LPG at Mount Hotham.

Most premises accessing gas at the Resort are signatories to a gas supply agreement, which establises terms for the supply of gas. The terms and conditions for Gas agreements can be accessed here:

MHARMB LPG Customer Supply Agreement with Terms and Conditions

For any queries in regards to the supply of Gas at the Resort, please contact our property team using the details below.

P/ 03 5759 3550


F/ 03 5759 3693

Gas Fitting:

1. Complete Form A 'General Details' for all gas fitting works, THEN

2. Select the TYPE of gas fitting work and complete the corresponding additional form (FORM B, C or D)

FORM B: for new L.P. gas installation

FORM C: for alteration or addition to an existing installation

FORM D: for replace appliance

3. Forward completed forms (A, B, C, D) to the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB) via This acts as your start work notification to the MHARMB.

4. On completion of works complete FORM E: 'Completion Notice' and forward to MHARMB.


When changing property ownership please contact the MHARMB to undertake your final gas read before the scheduled settlement date.

PDFGas Supply Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions (637 KB)

PDFGas Safety Tips for Mt Hotham Resort Gas Customers (156 KB)

PDFInstructions for Gas Customers Re. Establishment of Supply (178 KB)

PDFReporting a Gas Leak or Gas Emergency (351 KB)

PDFGas Fitting Form A (464 KB)

PDFGas Fitting Form B (381 KB)

PDFGas Fitting Form C (520 KB)

PDFGas Fitting Form D (389 KB)

PDFGas fitting form E (508 KB)