Mount Hotham

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Master Plan

Hansen Partnership was engaged to develop the Master Plan for Mt Hotham in January 2014. The aim of the plan is to ensure future development of Mt Hotham proceeds within the context of a clearly documented and strategically supported policy framework. Once finalised, the Mount Hotham Master Plan will provide certainty for stakeholders and investors and confidence for Government that Mt Hotham's functional role and future opportunities are appropriately managed and coordinated.

The Master Plan for Mt Hotham Resort will guide and facilitate future development and the ongoing evolution of Mt Hotham as one of Victoria's premier Alpine Resorts. This includes a continued winter season focus and expanded, as well as economically sustainable, year round activity.

The work completed so far has resulted in the development of:

  • An overall vision statement for Mt Hotham.
  • An analysis of the existing conditions of Mt Hotham and the designation of 5 activity node 'precincts' (being: Hotham Central, Over Snow, Davenport, Wire Plain and Whiskey Flat).
  • An overall Mt Hotham Resort Framework Plan to guide the functional roles of designated precincts within the resort.
  • Specific vision statements and Framework Plans for each of the 5 designated precincts.

In the drafting and development of the Mt Hotham Master Plan, public comment and feedback was sought through a series of workshops held in August, 2014 in Melbourne and on the mountain. Specific agency consultation sessions were also conducted in September, 2014. The outcome of these consultation sessions were synthesized and have been incorporated into the plan development.

This work now forms the basis of, and is contained within the draft Precinct Development Plan which was submitted for Ministerial review in October, 2014. Once finalised, the Master Plan will identify the medium to long term vision for Mt Hotham which will function to coordinate the direction for future development Mt Hotham. The Master Plan was finalised in March, 2016 and submitted to the Minister in April, 2016. The final Master Plan will not seek to nominate fixed or mandatory outcomes; rather provide a flexible 'road map' to guide future development initiatives.

As prescribed by the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2012, other elements of the Master Plan will contain further information dealing with:

  • Infrastructure Plan
  • Native Vegetation Provisions
  • Fire and Emergency Management Plan

Click on the link below to access the Master Plan:

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Master Plan March 2016