Mount Hotham

Sustainable Growth Plan 2017

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board has recently completed the creation of a Sustainable Growth Plan, which outlines the priority economic development and environmental management priorities of the Resort.

The development of Mt Hotham has struggled historically through competing interests without common objectives. This new approach allows all stakeholders to contribute in their own way and be aligned around the common objective of bringing the compelling story of Mt. Hotham to life, with the aim of creating a Shared, Amazing, Alpine Experience year-round at the Resort.

The plan outlines objectives to reach an increase in rental accommodation occupancy, 500 additional local jobs, and $60m of regional benefits and supports the Mount Hotham Master Plan and the Growing Mount Hotham project which includes the creation of a new town square and the release of the Resort Management site for new development.

A copy of the plan can be accessed here:

PDFMt Hotham Sustainable Growth Plan (21007 KB)